EF Core Part-I(Asp.Net Core)

EF Core vs EF 6

  1. DbContext & DbSet
  2. Data Model
  3. Querying using Linq-to-Entities
  4. Change Tracking
  5. SaveChanges
  6. Migrations
  1. EDMX/ Graphical Visualization of Model
  2. Entity Data Model Wizard (for DB-First approach)
  3. ObjectContext API
  4. Querying using Entity SQL.
  5. Automated Migration
  6. Inheritance: Table per type (TPT)
  7. Inheritance: Table per concrete class (TPC)
  8. Many-to-Many without join entity
  9. Entity Splitting
  10. Spatial Data
  11. Lazy loading of related data
  12. Stored procedure mapping with DbContext for CUD operation
  13. Seed data
  14. Automatic migration
  1. Easy relationship configuration
  2. Batch INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations
  3. In-memory provider for testing
  4. Support for IoC (Inversion of Control)
  5. Unique constraints
  6. Shadow properties
  7. Alternate keys
  8. Global query filter
  9. Field mapping
  10. DbContext pooling
  11. Better patterns for handling disconnected entity graphs.
  1. Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore
  2. Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
  3. Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools
  4. System.ComponentModel.Annotations

Install EF Core DB Provider

Install EF Core Tools




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