Javascript has Reflect object it is a normal object. It is not a function object and doesn’t have an internal method. Reflect is not a constructor. this reflects object provides some static functions which we used in the proxy handlers. Let's see the static reflect methods.


Let's check with some reflect static methods with examples.

Reflect.apply ( target, thisArgument, argumentsList)

The Reflect.apply() method is used to call a function using the specified parameter.

Reflect.deleteProperty ( target, propertyKey )

Reflect.deleteProperty() method is allows to delete properties of the object.

Reflect.get( target, propertyKey[, receiver] )

The Reflect.get() method is used to get the property from an object as a function. The first argument is the object and the second argument is the property name.

Let's see the example with Reflect and Proxy handler.

In Proxy handlers Instead of returning target[prop] .we can use Reflect. get() static method to return. You can see that in the below example.

This is the best way to return the target index in Proxy.

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